Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 1

    Oh my God!!!!! So this weekend I watched Mockingjay Part 1 and loved it so much! If you haven't watched it don't go with high expectations (in my Socials class we always discuss about films and a lot of the people surprisingly didn't like it). Mockingjay is my least favourite book on the trilogy, I didn't like how the ending was written and some deaths were unnecessary. The movie was great, but it doesn't have a lot of action like Catching Fire does, it's more of a "building up" for the Revolution. I fell like I have to watch it again to write a more faithful review but I don't think I will go to the movies again, so I'm gonna try the best that I can to share my opinion with you all.


   Okay, so we start with a scene of Katniss hiding in a small place, which I imagine is one of the various places that she goes to have a time by herself in the book, and she is repeating that thing "I am Katniss Everdeen. I am from district 12..." just like the book and I was really excited about that. Jennifer Lawrence is such an amazing actress and she plays the way that Katniss was losing her mind, really well. Did you guys noticed that they use the same sound/song on the beginning of all the movies? That's really cool! I've never noticed that before.
   After being knocked out she wakes up at her hospital room and she hears someone crying. When  we see Finnick, we notice how sad and lost he is because of Annie. Guys! He was crying! That broke my heart!!!
   I'm mad that we didn't see Finnick in his underwear. That scene is so hilarious and I was looking forward to it, because come on guys, it's Finnick. All the scenes with him were heart breaking because he was always tying the knots and he looked lost and omg it was really sad.
   I was wondering how they were going to do the propos and I really liked them! The first one was so hilarious when Katniss was in front of that green screen and she has a line to say and everything, it was so funny because Katniss, not Jennifer, is apparently really bad at acting. I think that the other propos were beautiful.
   It was very sad when Katniss went to district 12 for the first time. When she sees all those skulls and she kind of freaks out, like she's realizing that that was kind of her fault.
   The lockdown scene was so scary! When everyone was running downstairs and Katniss falls, and when she discovers that Prim is not there. The doors were closing and it was so nerve wracking! I was really happy to see that Gale was with her and that she got the cat and all! I have to admit something, when I first read Mockingjay... Gale was my favourite character... I never blamed him for "killing Prim", because he didn't! It wasn't his fault! But what broke my heart was when at the end of the book he leaves Katniss. After everything that they've been through! I know she would never look at him again the same way because of Prim, but even though!
   When they were all in the bunker and the Capitol was trowing bombs... That was freaking scary! That was way more intense than in the book! But I really liked that scene!!!
   Something that we don't have in the book but we do have in the movie is seeing what's going on with the districts during the Revolution. It was really awesome to see! When those men in district 7 (I think) were in the woods and someone whistles and they climb the trees and a man screams "We burn, you burn with us" and bombs explode. That was awesome! We see that they are willing to risk their lives to change the government!
    I'm glad that we have Effie in the movie! She is not in the book (only at the end and that was confusing?!) and she is so funny! I love her so much! Elizabeth Banks is perfect as Effie! I just missed her colourful outfits!
   The camera crew was so cool! Castor is handsome ;) and Pollux was so adorable!!! I really liked their cameras. I think that in the book Katniss describes the cameras as them being really big. But they were actually really small, and there were also some attached to their helmets! So cool! And Cressida looked really badass!
   Now lets talk about something we've all been waiting for a long time. The Hanging Tree song!!! Ahhh!!! I loved it so much! I didn't imagine it that way but it's so much better! At the beginning it was so good but when everyone started singing it was so powerful! It was breathtaking, so perfect!
   Every time we saw Peeta on TV I had tears. We could see him getting worse each time and Katniss' reaction was so heartbreaking! This movie was really dark and sad if you think about it.
   I'm glad we got to see them going to rescue Peeta and the others! It was so intense!!! And it was going back and fourth between Finnick talking about how his body was sold to the Capitol and Snow's secrets to the rescue... So tense... And then Katniss and Snow were Skyping :P, so insane.
   I was looking forward to see the meeting between Katniss and Peeta. Johanna looked so cool! (I feel bad for saying this :p Jena Malone looked great with her head shaved! Don't know if she actually did that tho.) And Annie!!! Finnick and Annie meeting was exactly how I imagined! So beautiful! But it was freaking horrifying when Katniss saw Peeta! He looked so bad! It was so sad! I was crying! And then he suddenly was suffocating her! So scary! He looked pretty strong for someone that has been tortured for weeks. And Katniss eyes! I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry (I know that sounds mean). It looked so real!
   I thought that that was going to be the end but then Katniss woke up and Plutarch was explaining to her the whole Hickjacked thing. Which I thought it was good because I lot of people probably didn't understand what was going on. And then president Coin was giving a speech and Katniss was slowly walking towards Peeta's hospital room. I thought she was going to try to talk to him so I was freaking out. And then we see him on that last scene! So sad!!! HEARTBREAKING!

   I wanna watch it again! I really liked it! So excited for Mockingjay part 2! What did you think of the movie? I would love to hear your thoughts so comment below! :)

Sorry if there are any spelling errors! I don't speak english fluently so I apologize. :)

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