Movie Review: Paper Towns

   I read the Paper Towns book in April for my Book Club and I wrote a review that you can check out here. On my review you might have noticed that I didn't really like this book. I watched the movie with my friends from Book Club and now I'm gonna talk a bit about it. Be aware that this review will contain spoilers from the book and the movie. 
   In my opinion, the movie is better than the book. I know you don't hear that very often, but I think it is true. I thought that the book was slow paced and boring. But because it is a movie, things happen quicker and the boring details are eliminated. I really like Cara as Margo and Nat as Quentin. Actually, the whole cast was very well chosen. They really looked like high school students! Something that we usually don't see on the media these days. 
   I just really love Nat Wolff. He is so adorable. Q's obsession with Margo annoys me a lot but Nat made it a bit more bearable. I don't like Margo's character. At the end I was so mad with her!! Ben was still super annoying but a bit cuter in the movie. I wanted his relationship with Lacey to be bigger in the movie but it wasn't... Lacey is pretty awesome. I really like her. Radar is pretty cool too, he looked exactly like I pictured. Angela is the cutest, I'm so happy she was more present in the movie than in the book! She is definitely one of my favourite characters even tho she's not very important. 
   Can we talk about John Green's cameo? My friends and I were the only ones in the theatre so we basically talked and fangirled (by that I mean we literally yelled at the scream multiple times) all the time. I knew about John's cameo so if you didn't you may not have noticed it. He was Becca's (is that her name?) father, the one that came out of the house carrying a gun?! That was funny. And what about Ansel Elgort??? He was so cute!!! We were freaking out! It's really funny that he is in another John Green movie (just like Nat :P).
   I really liked the changes they made, it made the movie better. I really liked the ending, because when I read the book I was sure Q would go to Prom. But he didn't. Also, when Quentin had that weird dream about Margo... What was that? 
   This movie was really funny. One of my favourite scenes was when they were at the mini mall. And Ben starts singing the first song that comes to his mind, which happens to be the Pokemon theme song. Hilarious. 

What did you think about the movie? Did you like it better than the book? Comment bellow! 

   I was looking for a cute interview of the cast to put on here but then I found this interview of Cara Delevingne with the Good Day Sacramento anchors. And it is unbelievable. The anchors are so disrespectful! I honestly think that Cara was right to have that reaction. The questions were so weird and they even said her name wrong. WTF? 


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