Movie Review: Fantastic Four

   First of all, whose stupid idea was to make a new Fantastic Four movie? Like seriously, there was no need for this. Rotten Tomatoes ratted it 8%! I really didn't like it. I was comparing it to the, really good, Fantastic 4 from 2005 that was basically my childhood. The actors in this movie are so young! I can't take them seriously. I have to admit that the movie is visually appealing but the plot is not good at all. The changes they made didn't feel right. The final battle was so fast. I was thinking "Shit. This is it. The movie is about to end." I was so annoyed! Nothing happened!!! Honestly, the only character that I liked was Ben and I felt so bad for him! This movie was completely unnecessary and I just want to forget I ever saw it. 


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