Movie Review: Noah

Hi! It's me again! So, yesterday I went to the movies and I watched the new movie Noah, and I really liked it. It is based on the story of Noah's Ark, it's not exactly the same but I really liked this version of the story and it was pretty intense.


Human barbarism and warfare have ravaged the landscape. Noah (Russell Crowe), a peaceful man, just wants to live a righteous life with his family. Every night, Noah has visions of death by water, followed by renewed life on Earth.
He's sent word from the Creator that a great flood is coming that will destroy the world and all life. When Noah begins to build a giant ark in order to save himself, his loved ones and two of every species from the impending flood, he's approached by an army of men who want to take over the boat in an effort to save themselves.

I thought that Emma Watson did an incredible job! She is so cute and an amazing actress! I love Logan Lerman but I didn't like his character, but I think his character was important because he represents some of men characteristics. I don't know the other actors but I think that everyone did a pretty good job! And there was this really cute guy that played Shem, his name is Douglas Booth!

 I give a 3.5 of 5 stars. :)

I also found this really cool website: http://www.noahmovie.com


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