Book Review: The Giver

The book:
   Jonas' world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. When Jonas turns twelve, he is singled out to receive special training from The Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now, it is time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back.

Rating: ★★★

   Today I am gonna review the book The Giver. I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads and I have to say that I was really disappointed with this book. I was with high expectations when I started reading The Giver because I saw the trailer for the movie and it seemed really cool and with a lot of action, I've heard a lot of good things about it on booktube and my brother read this book last year at school and he really liked it. The fact that my brother has read a book that I wanted to read before me is very surprising! 


   Okay, so when I started reading I was very intrigued with this new world. It made sense, because they were trying to avoid conflicts. Many things made me really shocked, like what really happens when people are Released and the fact that there is no romance or love, the government chooses your husband or wife and you don't have children, you apply to have a child! This is insane! And other things that I think that needed more explanation and that weren't explained (or they were and I really didn't understand) was that they don't see colours! How is that possible? You can't just forbid the population to see colours! That makes no sense! And they don't know what are animals but they have plush animals! And there's no rain or snow or sunny days! How??? 
   Jonas is kind of weird, but its understandable because he was raised weirdly :P. I couldn't relate to any character and they didn't have different personalities, just small different characteristics (in my opinion). I'm pretty sure I'll like the movie better than the book. It is not a bad book! But I was waiting for something more to happen! It was all too much the same. Something had to happen! And then Jonas ran away with Gabriel (as I said on my last review, I love babies! And Gabriel... Awww!) so that the population would receive the memories. I was waiting for Jonas to find something at Elsewhere but the book was already ending! There are other books but I'm almost sure that it is not a series! The ending was very confusing to me. He just died (I think). Then what? In my opinion it was all for nothing, because we don't know what happened at Sameness (<I think that's the name of their community?) and I really wanted to know! I just think that this book, this story, has so much potential and it could have been much more than it is. 
   Oh! And I thought that the fact that Jonas was giving memories to Gabriel was important, like it was going to lead to something in the future, but no..?

   What did you think about the book? Sorry if there are any spelling errors! I don't speak english fluently so I apologize. :)

   Have you watched the movie? This trailer just looks so different from anything from the book! And check out the website receiveyourdestiny.org! It's really cool!


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