Movie Review: If I Stay


   Yesterday I watched the If I Stay movie and I loved it so much! Such an awesome book to movie adaptation! I loved it so freaking much! Even tho I didn't cry while reading the book I did cry when watching the movie. It is very emotional and I think that Chloe Moretz and Jamie Blackley did a good job at portraying Mia and Adam. I felt like I already had watched the movie because it was so much alike the book! There were some extra stuff that wasn't in the book but I really liked like some romantic scenes between Mia and Adam and that thing about the Julliard ceiling. So cute! I don't think that keeping Mia's father and Teddy alive for awhile was good idea, I don't know... I just didn't like it because it gave her and us so much hope. Other things that pissed me off was that they changed the name of Adam's band! Seriously! Maybe there was a good reason for it but the name that they chose (I don't even remember) wasn't as good as Shooting Star! And I also didn't like that Kim hasn't her signature braid! Was that so hard to do??? The way that they put the flashbacks between the hospital scenes was very good (just like in the book ;) and I recommend you all to watch it!

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