The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer


   I am gonna try to kind of review this trailer, I mean, I have some comments about the scenes. So make sure that you have watched the trailer (and read the book!) if you're gonna read this review because it will have SPOILERS! 
    So first we have Katniss in a hovercraft, with Gale and the others, probably going to district 8. 
   And then she is talking to President Snow (I don't remember this on the book?!) but he looks pretty scary (mainly because he is smiling) and if Snow is smiling, he is happy about something, and that's not good. And Katniss is talking about how she didn't want to be the Mockingjay. 
   That hovercraft looks so cool! Does anyone thinks that it looks more advanced than the ones from Catching Fire? 
   District 13 looks much cooler than how I pictured it! And Effie... OMG... She looks adorable! Even tho I know she is not completely happy. I hope that she wasn't mistreated in the movie like she was in the book because that made me so sad! 
   The bows and arrows that Beete designed for Gale and Katniss are so freaking awesome! And Katniss outfit... Ahhhh I miss Cinna!!! 
   And I can't believe that Peeta is on the trailer!!! Oh my God! I was not expecting that! Poor Peeta! I can't even... 
   And Haymitch!!! 
   Peeta and Caesar!!!
    And Katniss is so bossy on that scene where she is talking to president Coin (hate that woman!) and Plutarch (Ow Philip!). I'm so happy to see her putting them on their place saying that or they'll do what she wants or they'll have to find another mockingjay! You go girl! 
   And Finnick!!! My baby!!! I love him so much! 
   Those scenes where the Capitol attacks district 8 are pretty intense! I am so excited to see them! And when the Capitol is bombarding district 13 is just like how I imagined it! 

     This movie is going to be so badass! And I am going to watch it with high expectations because Catching Fire was one of the best book to movie adaptation that I have ever watched! And this looks so cool and I think it will be so loyal to the book! And ohmygoshhhhhh! I AM SO EXCITEDDD! 
   I'm sorry about this shitty review. It's just me fangirling and not saying any reasonable things. :P

   Sorry if there are any spelling errors! I don't speak english fluently so I apologize. :)

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