Movie Review: The Maze Runner

 I watched The Maze Runner last night and it's so good!!!! There were some differences but I think that overall the movie was loyal to the book. I think that the movie was more for the people that have read the book than for the people that haven't. I had to explain all the movie to my mom because she wasn't understanding why that was happening. The movie was more fast passed than the book, which is fine by me. I just thought that Gally's anger of Thomas was not truthful to his anger in the book. I didn't feel like Thomas needed to hate him. When Thomas remembered his name, that was so funny! MY NAME IS THOMAS! Chuck was so cute!!! And I cried at the end because I knew that that was gonna happen but I was praying that it wouldn't! Newt is sooooo cuteeeeee!!! And I was sad that he didn't call Thomas Thommy because I think that it's adorable when he does that in the books. Minho is so nice and I really liked the guy that played him, he was the perfect Minho! That scene when Theresa was throwing rocks at the Gladers was hilarious and The Glade is just so well done! I think that if the Grievers Hole was like it is described in the book, it would be too confusing. The way that they did was a good way to change its appearance but it's still basically the same thing. That thing that they found inside the Griever? Really cool! When the doors didn't close and the Grievers attacked the Gladers instead of attacking only one... Oh My GOD! That was so intense and horrifying! My mom was freaking out in her seat. I think that the movie needed that scene so in my opinion that was a good change. And I remember that in the book there were more than 40 people alive after the attack and in the movie there was like 20 people. I think that the movie wasn't that long so I think that they should have done that thing where the maps form words for the code. That numbers sequence was kind of nonsense. The end was really nice. I think that it was quite awesome when they were in the helicopter and they could see the maze. This was an awesome book to movie adaptation and I'm so excited for the next one!!!!!!


Sorry if there are any spelling errors! I don't speak english fluently so I apologize. :)

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