Book Review: Blind Love

“Filth on the street, which should be left alone to rot and decompose. That was what people saw when they looked at Ymir but his sister didn’t see this. 

Because she could not see at all. 

She could not see the world around her. Sometimes, he wondered if that was a curse or a blessing.” 

Cemile and Ymir have always been on the same road. They sit and they beg and they survive. Until one misunderstanding changes it all. 

Until their roads travel in completely different directions…

Rating: ★★★★

   So, the writer of this book, Rebecca May Spicer asked me to read her book, it's free on Amazon. So I did and I really liked it! I give it 4 out of 5 stars! Rebecca is only sixteen and she published a book! Isn't that just fantastic? The book tells the story of Ymir and his blind sister Cemile. They live in a country called Aristrania that is ruled by an unfaithful king. A misunderstanding cause the separation between the siblings. I really like the way that the story shifts between Ymir and Cemile, so that we know what's happening to them all the time. The book is so well written and full of details! All the characters have such strong personalities and it's really nice to see their part on the story! One thing that I like is that I had no idea of what was going to happen. Usually when I am in the middle of a book I have an idea of how it is going to end. But in Blind Love I couldn't imagine it! And that keeps the story interesting and unpredictable! The end was great and I liked that there was a bit of Romeo and Juliet in it! The love story in the book is so beautiful and truthful! And the title "Blind Love" is just so perfect because the book deals with many different kinds of blindness! This cover is gorgeous! And I loved this book! I've never read anything like this and I really liked and I recommend this book to all of you! I still can't believe that Rebecca is just 16! This is really cool! Congratulations! 

Sorry if there are any spelling errors! I don't speak english fluently so I apologize. :)

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