Movie Review: Insurgent

    Since my most popular post on this blog is my book review of Insurgent, I decided to do a movie review too. I watched it on saturday, and I was so disappointed. I didn't have really high expectations,  I mean, did you see the trailer? Those simulations were terrible. I don't even know if I'll be able to say nice thing about this movie. Most of you know what I think about the Divergent series. I try real hard to like it, but I just don't see why people love it so much. I really don't like Tris or Four. I like them better on the movies than on the books. To be completely honest, my favourite character on the Insurgent movie was Peter. He was so hilarious and he did his job. Which was great. If you haven't read the book or watched the movie, go and do it. And then come back so we can discuss about it together.


    I fell like the movie didn't flow together. The scenes didn't seem connected. It was so weird. And the sets didn't flow either, they were so different. Every time they went to a different place, it looked like they were in another world, another movie. The dream sequences were also very confusing, and kind of useless? Peter was hilarious. At the beginning in Amity, when he is talking to the people at the line for food, I was cracking up. And also, when they are hiding in Johanna's office, and Peter yells to Eric, telling him where they were. I know I was supposed to be mad at him, but his character was so good, that I couldn't. I don't like Caleb in the books, but he's great in the movies. I mean, I know he is a freaking traitor. But the way that Ansel portrays him, it's awesome. I think that my favourite scenes were when they were in Amity. I don't know if you guys know it, but my faction is Amity. And I was so excited to see it in the movies. I wish we had more scenes there. And I really wanted to see Tris on the Peace serum. That scene is so funny on the book. Marcus wasn't even there most of the time, only at the beginning. I wish we had seen more of his relationship with Four.
   Something that made absolutely no sense was that scanner to see people's factions and their percentage of divergence. WTF??? How the hell do they have something so technological like that? And when did they have time to make it? And I also don't understand how Tris is 100% divergent, if she has aptitude for 3 different factions, not 5! The technology in this movie was so unrealistic. It is so much more advanced than it is on the books. On the books they can't even see the simulations very clearly on their screens! The movie didn't feel as real as it would without all of that.
   Four's mom is too young! She is definitely not his mom! I can't believe they casted her! The place where the Factionless live is so much better than on the books. On the books they basically live on the streets, and have to share their cans of food! That was so unbelievable.
   The whole scene where Four and Tris are on the truth serum was so much less intense than it is on the book. They changed their answers, and that last question for 4 was not supposed to be answered like that. And they did not have the scene where Christina forgives Tris. That is such an important scene, and on the movie they were kind of just friends again.
   I wish we could have seen Uriah, Marlene, and Lynn more. Uriah kind of had a scene with Tris, and I remember that when I found out that he was divergent I was so surprised. And on the movie it was no big deal at all. Even Marlene's death was no big deal, because she wasn't a very important character. That scene where she dies is so ridiculous! What the hell happened there? No one went to save them, besides Tris and Tori. Why didn't anyone else go? And there were billions of people down there, just staring at them. They could've just walked forward and tried to catch them! Four was right there! Just looking as Marlene fell in front of him! I couldn't believe it.
   The scenes were so out of order, when the dauntless (the bad ones) invaded Candor. Wasn't that supposed to happen more at the end? I don't honestly remember. And Tris didn't even get to kill Eric! I was waiting for that! Why did Four kill him??? Why???
   The whole box thing was just stupid. That machine for the simulations is connected to the box somehow. And there is no explanation about it. It was interesting how they had to pass at each faction to open it. But Tris didn't really. The abnegation thing was when she didn't let Four kill Peter? That was nothing! And the Amity? Where she fights herself. That made no sense. And when she was falling from the sky and it took a hundred years for her to reach the ground. Completely nonsense.
   I don't really remember Janine dying at the end. But I don't think she was supposed to. And why did Four's mom kill her? The ending was so bad. I was so frustrated. The way that everyone saw the video, and how people just started to walk towards the gate. No!!!! That was not supposed to happen!
I wonder how they are going to make Allegiant now. It's all messed up.
  I left the movie theatre very disappointed. And I honestly didn't like the movie. But maybe you did. What are your thoughts about it? What did you like? I really liked Peter, he was very funny. Oh! And Jin from Lost was there!
   Thank you for reading this review, and I'll see you next time! Byee!

Sorry if there are any spelling errors! I don't speak english fluently so I apologize. :)


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