Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2

     Hey guys! So, on May 16th I watched Pitch Perfect 2 and I loved it! It is so hilarious and awesome. The songs are great, in my opinion better than the ones on the first movie because remember when they used to sing the same songs all the time? It didn't leave enough room to sing cool songs. But in this movie, all the songs were great! There are somethings that I didn't like but overall the movie was very funny and entertaining. 
     I love Hailee Steinfeld! She is so adorable and such a good singer! Her character was great and her relationship with Benji was the cutest thing ever! Jeca (Jesse + Beca) is my OTP for Pitch Perfect! They are so freaking cute together and in the first movie their relationship was kind of a big deal but I feel like in this movie it was just there and we didn't get any romantic scenes with them. The only scene where they were alone was when he was dropping her off at the Recording Studio (and that scene was pretty cute). And I wanted so much more!!! Also, the Treblemakers weren't important at all?!?!
     The Recording Studio thing was pretty cool, when Anna Kendrick and Snoop Dogg sang together!!! It sounded so good! The whole thing with Fat Amy and Bumper was so cute! When he asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend and she said "no" was so sad!! I felt so bad for him! But it was so funny the scene where she sang "We Belong"! 
     People say that Beca and Chloe are supper gay for each other. I don't think so, I actually have never thought about that till I saw Bechloe fanfics on Tumblr (and they are kinda weird...). But then I watched Pitch Perfect again and realized that Chloe seems really into Beca but I don't think Beca is into her?! People were making the cabin scene a really big deal but I think it's just supposed to be funny and it doesn't actually mean that they are gay... I don't know, this is my opinion. I don't think there's any problem with that I just don't see it. Comment below what your opinions are. 
     There were a lot of racist jokes on that movie, that commentator, John, was so racist and an idiot in general. I know they did that just to make it funny but I wish someone had said something to him instead of just looking at each other awkwardly. The a capella world tournament was really fun. I loved to see people from different countries singing the same song. The first group to perform was the Canadian group (and I live in Canada) and everyone in the movie theatre started cheering. It was pretty funny. 
     Well, the movie was pretty funny. It did have some racist comments, but I'm not gonna make a big deal out of it. It was just supposed to make people laugh. The songs were great and the characters were awesome. I recommend for you to watch it if you liked the first movie! Oh, I forgot! The first scene when Barack and Michelle Obama were there was so funny! The whole "Wrecking Ball" scene was great.


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