Book Review: Clockwise

          Casey Donovan has issues: hair, height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century. She accidentally takes Nate Mackenzie, cutest boy in the school, to 1860. Protocol pressures her to dub Nate her brother. Does he spark with romance or protectiveness, when a handsome, rich, unwanted suitor intervenes? 
          Back in the present, the social ladder is as before: Casey at the bottom rung, Nate at the top. But now her heart is broken, her best friend is mad, her parents are split up, and police escort her younger brother home. The only thing worse would be taking Nate back to the past again.
         Which of course, she does.

Rating: ★★★★
   I was at my uncle's house the other day and I didn't have much to do so I decided to read one of the many ebooks that I own on my phone. If you don't know already, there is a website called BookBub, where you tell them your email and they send you everyday updates (I think you can choose how frequent they are) on ebook deals that might interest you based on the genres you like. I have never actually bought one of the books that they recommend to me online, but if the free ones sound like something I might like, I get them, even if it will take me months to actually read it. So I got Clockwise a few months ago, after I got an email telling me about it, because the synopsis sounded really interesting, and I don't think I've ever read a book with time travel in it so I it got me interested. So as I was saying before, I was at my uncle's house and I chose to read this book while I was there. I was at his house for a while so I actually got a lot of reading done, a bit more a quarter of it. I kept reading it once I got home and I didn't stop until I was done, at 12:30am. 
         I really liked the main character, Casey. She was an ordinary (well, besides the whole time travel thing) girl, and I could really relate to her at some levels. She was also a great narrator, and I laughed out loud a couple times while reading from her point of view. One thing I didn't really like about her was her constant insecurity, particularly towards her appearance. I wish she wasn't so negative about herself all the time. 
        I also liked Nate, but I had more problems with him than with Casey. Many times he would act in a way that was not only stupid, but annoying. And sometimes he would say how he felt, but it didn't match with the way he was acting beforehand. He was also cute at times, and I liked how he acted during the "trips" to the past. His relationship with Casey was interesting and it made me mad at some points (particularly at him) but overall it was nice and cute. 
       Lucinda was nice (the whole jealousy thing was kind of annoying), and it was cool that she spoke Portuguese! I was like "I do too!" So yeah, that was exciting.
       The whole time travel factor in the story was really interesting. Casey can only time travel to one particular place and time. Which is in the city that she currently lives (I don't remember the exact place, but I know it's near Boston) in the 1860's, right around the time where slavery was a big issue in the US, before the Civil War. I loved seeing how Casey was so used to going there and she already knew where the go and everything, and that's what made her bring Nate with her so much funnier. Because he had no idea what was going on (it kinda bothered me that Casey took so long to explain everything to him) and he thought it was all a prank for quite a while. The Watsons were really nice and the whole thing with Samuel Jones at the end was really cool. Don't even get me started on Robert Willingsworth! What a jerk!
          So anyways, I'm not sure if it's still free on IBooks or Amazon, but if you feel like reading a light book about time travel I totally recommend it. And I'm totally getting the next one!

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