Movie tie-in covers

Okay, so you might be wondering: What are movie tie-in covers? Well, that's when a novel is adapted into a movie and the book cover is republished with an image from the film instead of the original artwork. I personally don't buy movie tie-in editions but when I was younger I didn't care about that. I didn't care that the books in a series wouldn't match or that the cover wasn't as pretty as the original. I just bought the first edition that I found at the bookstore when I went looking for the book. So most of these books that I'm gonna show you are from years ago, the exceptions are the three last books that just kinda happened to be tie-in editions.


movie tie-in                                                                original

The Last Song 

movie tie-in                                                                 original

Red Riding Hood

movie tie-in                                                              original 

Beautiful Creatures 

movie tie-in                                                        original

The Golden Compass

movie tie-in                                                                          original

The Silver Linings Playbook

movie tie-in                                                              original

Vampire Academy 

movie tie-in                                                                          original

The 100

movie tie-in                                                                                                          original

So, do you buy a lot of movie tie-in books? Do you have a preference? Comment bellow!

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