Favourite Books of 2016

         2016 was a good year in terms of reading for me. I read 53 books and that is the most I've read in a year ever! My Goodreads challenge was to read 50 books so I'm glad I surpassed my goal. I, again, set my goal for 50 books in 2017 because I don't want to overwhelm myself and I feel like 50 books is a reasonable goal for me to achieve. I've made a favourites post for 2014 and 2015 and I can't believe I've had my blog for this long! In March, my blog will be celebrating three years! A reminder that these are my favourite books that I read this year, they were no necessarily published in 2016. This list is also not in any particular order. Some books represent the whole series (if I read all of them this year, like: Shatter Me, The Knife of Never Letting Go, Legend, and The Elite).

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